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Desert Island Beers!

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Desert Island BeersI have been tidying up my brewery EMail inbox of late and see it is nearly 10 months since my last Desert Island Beers post but note I  still have Emails from one or two unpublished castaways; so huge apologies to them.  I have however been extremely busy, earning a living: time is mine enemy and whilst blogging is good for the soul it doesn’t pay bills.

I enjoyed writing the Desert Island posts and reading about the castaways backgrounds and their beer choices. I will over the next few weeks dig out the part finished and unpublished posts; polish and try and post them and see where we end up and if we can resurrecte the series. I hope so; but as in life all good things as indeed all shit things, must come to an end.

Desert Island Beers – Charlie McVeigh

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Photo credit: Paul Winch-FurnessThis weeks Desert Island castaway is Charlie McVeigh founder and director of London based, The Draft House. Charlie’s Twitter profile describes him thus. The best and mostest beer. The Yolk. The Smoke. And The Poke. And we’re (on) Seething now.

The Draft House is a small group of Public Houses which their website says aim to do for beer what our culture has done for food and wine over the past twenty years.  His Draft Houses, now number six; Goodge Street, Northcote Road, Lordship Lane, Battersea Bridge Road, Tower Bridge Road and the newest, Seething at Tower Hill, close to the Tower of London.

The Draft House concept is built around a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, high quality pub food and as suggested by the brand name, interesting draught beers. (more…)

Desert Island Beers – Logan Plant

Friday, July 19th, 2013


This weeks Desert Island castaway is Logan Plant – Head Brewer and founder of  Beavertown Brewery.

Duke’s Brew & Que restaurant, in Hackney, was until recently the nerve centre of Beavertown brewery, which was set up in 2012 by Logan and Byron Knight, from Los Angeles. They named their brewery Beavertown as this is the old cockney name given to its location – De Beauvoir Town – which was famed across Victorian London for its local breweries and ale houses.

Beavertown beer use to be brewed in the kitchen at Duke’s and then the rest of the production and bottling took place in a nearby lock up. However in March this year the brewery moved to Beaver Towers in Stour Rd, Hackney Wick, Bow, a move which no doubt pleased the chef’s at Duke’s. (more…)

Desert Island Beers – Andy Moffat

Friday, July 12th, 2013

This weeks Desert Island castaway is Andy Moffat, brewer Andy-Moffat_169533k& director, Redemption Brewing Company Ltd, Tottenham, London N17.

The road to Redemption wasn’t an overnight one for Andy. Rewind five years to a very different brewing landscape and the 40 year old (banker by day and avid home brewer by night) was busy trying to find a compelling enough reason to abandon his outlandish idea of starting a microbrewery in north London. What happened was the opposite though. After a year of serious research, the Glaswegian exile couldn’t find a strong enough reason not to take the plunge. Andy quit his 9-5 job on the 4th July 2009 (Independence Day, no less), promptly found premises in Tottenham and started building work on north London’s very first brewery in a generation. (more…)

Desert Island Beers – Peter Linacre

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Peter LinacreOne of the great things about being a beer drinker in London at the moment is the vibrancy of its beer and brewing scene. Our next series of Desert Island castaways is therefore based on Old London Town and kicks off this week with Peter Linacre. Peter’s Twitter profile describes him thus. MD of  NPC; owner of 7 top pubs.#rugby & #cricket mad. #liverpoolfc. Francophile, cheese eating oenophile. Ale, malt whisky, books, theatre, movies & history. London ·

NPC is New Pub Company, Peter’s latest venture, an enterprise currently numbering seven pubs in and around the capital, leased from Heineken UK’s, Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company and which were originally taken on by Peter operating as Glasshouse in 2005. They include the well known and award winning The Camden Eye. (more…)

Desert Island Beers – Carl Vasta, New Zealand

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Carl VastaThis weeks Desert Island castaway is Carl Vasta, brewer & co. owner, of Tuatara Brewing Company, Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

Carl and his wife Simone established the Tuatara Brewery Company in 2001 experimenting with home brewery techniques. Carl worked as an engineer, before deciding to pursue his hobby and passion for making beer when the home market was dominated by just two breweries.

Starting with a backyard business in Reikorangi with the idea of selling a few kegs to the local market Carl secured a niche market and a decade+ later he is supplying Tuatara beer all over New Zealand. He also now exports to Australia and the United States, mainly the east coast, and also markets in Asia and Hong Kong.

With sales running at over a million litres a year, production was moved in April 2012 from a collection of sheds on their Reikorangi property to a building in Paraparaumu’s Industrial area. (more…)

Desert Island Beers – Shawn Sherlock, Australia

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

This weeks Desert Island castaway is Shawn Sherlock the Head Shawn Sherlock 2Brewer at Murray’s Craft Brewing Co in Port Stephens, Australia. Shawn is currently the Beer & Brewer Magazine, Brewer of the Year 2012

Like a lot of craft brewers Shawn began his career as an obsessive home-brewer who could be found, every weekend, in his backyard brewing. “It kind of took over my life there for a while,” he says. “And eventually my partner encouraged me to stop pretending to be an academic and to give commercial brewing a crack.” (more…)

Desert Island Beers – back to LDN!

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

timthumbBack in September ’12 we started a ‘Kiwi & Oz’ series on Desert Island Beers saying these were exciting times for New Zealand and Australian brewers, with both countries experiencing major growth in “craft” beer sales and the number of “craft” breweries. With this major growth as background we will have featured nearly twenty of our Kiwi & Australian brewing and blogging cousins when the series finishes in the next few weeks.

There is however a similar story closer to home as one of the great things about being a beer drinker in London at the moment is the vibrancy of its beer and brewing scene. We have therefore planned our next series of castaways on Old London Town. (more…)

Desert Island Beers – Kirrily Waldhorn, Australia – The Beer Diva

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Kirrily-Waldhorn-The-Beer-DivaThis post on Desert Island Beers is a real coup as it features none other than Kirrily Waldhorn, Australia’s very own Beer Diva and ‘first lady of beer'; a beer presenter, educator, consultant, writer and judge.

As founder of  Beer Diva, Sydney-sider Kirrily travels Australia hosting beer tastings for private and corporate groups; workshops on beer styles and flavours, beer and food matching and beer history; training for bar and restaurant staff and training for chefs matching beer and food.

Her transformation into the Beer Diva started when she was working for brewing company Lion Nathan in the marketing department. She became involved in a project with Lion Nathan brewing boss Bill Taylor, a man who apparently loves a beer and a good feed and is skilled at making sure the two complement each other. That collaboration changed her world. (more…)

Desert Island Beers – David Bonighton, Australia

Friday, April 19th, 2013

This weeks Desert Island castaway is David Bonighton, brewer & co. Mountain-Goat_353-200x0owner, Mountain Goat Beer Pty Ltd, Richmond, Victoria, Australia.

David says like a lot of epiphanies, it happened when he least expected it; he was studying economics in the USA when he tried his first craft beer, and it set him down a road he’s still on. On his way home to Australia in 1991, his beer horizons were stretched further in the UK, so that when he got back he was utterly disappointed about the lack of local craft beer; so started brewing his own.

Thus Mountain Goat started out in David’s backyard in the early 90’s and David was cranking out homebrews almost every weekend when a postcard turned up from Cam (Hines),(co-owner) backpacking through Canada at the time. (more…)