What is a Sweet beer?

Beer is a delicious and refreshing alcoholic beverage made from water, hops (and sometimes other ingredients such as fruits). There are many different types of beer available today. For example, light beers, heavy or dark beer, weizenbiers, and the famous Pilsner’s – to mention a few, but another type of beer is too often forgotten.

Sweet beer. I bet you’ve never heard of such a thing, right?

What is sweet beer?

Sweet beers are made for connoisseurs! The taste and the ingredients used in the making of these types of beers differ from other types. Hence they set themselves apart from normal beers and weizenbiers.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on the types and characteristics of sweet beer, their history, and tips for those who would like to try them. Enjoy!

Types of Sweet Beer

types of sweet beer

There are only two separate types of sweet beer – Lambic beer and Ales beer. Lambic beer has a very special and interesting flavor, mainly due to the ingredients used in its making.

Lambic beer

This particular type of beer is brewed with unmalted wheat, malted barley, and wild yeast instead of industrial yeasts as for normal beers. Wild yeasts cause fermentation during the long storage period (6 months to one year) of the beer.

This prolonged fermentation gives a distinctive flavor to Lambic beers, one of which is sweet tasting.

Ales beer

Sweet Ale has a less distinctive taste, but it’s made up for its rich amber color and light finish that most men find very delicious. Sour Ales are stored in the fermentation vessels for the shortest period compared to other beers (the shortest being ale beers).

Hence it doesn’t have time to ferment properly. The taste is thus less distinct than Lambic beer but much better than normal beer. The main ingredients used in making Ales are malted barley and hops.

One important factor that you need to be aware of as beer drinkers before trying sweet ale beer for the first time is that it contains a relatively high alcohol volume, between 5% and 7%, as opposed to normal beers, which have about 3%.

Characteristics of Sweet Beer

Sweet beers are for beer lovers than normal ones! They have a very strong taste and flavor, making them ideal drinks for social gatherings with friends or business partners.

The Lambic beers have a rich and fruity flavor: the sweet taste that makes them special. Ales, on the other hand, have a light and fruity sweet flavor.

Tips for trying these types of beer

Very sweet beer is not a very common type of beer. Hence the only places you’d find them are in bars, pubs, and discotheques.

The best place to buy sweet beer is at a pub or bar, where you will always find someone who can recommend it to you.

Also, if possible, try and taste the difference between Lambic and Ales beer. It is because they have different tastes which you can feel with each type.

If possible, try both types independently, then together in a mix to see which one you prefer. Remember that Lambic beers tend to be very strong, so don’t overdo it if you’re new to alcohol!

How to brew sweet beer at home?

The equipment needed for this is very simple. All you’ll need is a fermenter, airlock, and sweet beer kit. The ingredients will vary depending on the particular type of sweet beer that you want to prepare.

I recommend using Lambic beers to brew your bottle of sweet beer- it’s the most difficult and the most rewarding.

Brewing is a very simple and efficient process, follow the instructions on your kit, and you’re ready to go! If possible, use wild yeast for fermentation as it will give the beer its particular flavor.

It’s very simple, here’s how: (for 30 bottles)


  • Malted barley – 2kg
  • Unmalted wheat – 1 kg
  • Hops – 1/2 oz
  • Grapes – 3 lb
  • Distilled water – 30l


  1. Mash all ingredients together, then boil for 20 minutes before transferring the mixture to a fermenter.
  2. Add yeast and ferment at 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 days, stirring well twice a day.
  3. It should smell musty and slightly sour.
  4. Strain off the liquid and transfer to bottles, leaving 1 teaspoon of sugar per bottle in each (this will allow it to carbonate).
  5. Keep for two months before drinking.

Sweet beer is a type of beer that has a unique flavor and taste. Sweet beers are like wines. People who like to drink beer and wine should try sweet beers at least once.

Sweet beers are good for drinking in the wintertime since they produce much heat and warm you up inside.

What is good sweet beer?

Sweet beer varies in the kinds of beer; each tastes a bit sweeter. On the other hand, an ale can be a bitter beer if it doesn’t taste much like beer. Which are some of the sweetest beers? I wouldn’t know. And it’s individual as it’s exactly individual about what beer is. Sweet beer from the corona to the decidedly fruity beer. To get an idea of exactly which beers are sweet, please read this fraction of the sweet beers below:

The list of sweet beers with rich flavors you can select includes:

1. Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen grapefruit

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen grapefruit might blow your mind. The beer is naturally carbonated, grapefruit juice containing 50/50. It’s crisp, zesty, and very sweet.

If you don’t care about grapefruit flavoring, you may want to try the pomegranate beer. It is made the same way but uses pomegranate juice to give you an extra sweet kick and is equally delicious.

2. Beck’s beer

It is one of the most popular German beers. It is extremely great tasting with a low bitter taste and 3% alcohol content. Beck’s beer (sweet) provides you with an all-natural smoothness.

This beer won gold at the International Monde Selection in Brussels.

3. Budweiser Select

It was introduced into the market in 2011. It is very tasty and is made of superior ingredients to give you the ultimate beer experience for your taste buds.

Regular beer has an alcohol content of 4.3 percent by volume. Budweiser Select (sweet) contains only 4% by volume.

4. Best Belgian-Style: Omegang Apripêche

Looking for the best Belgian wheat beer? Apripéche is a witbier brewed with malted and unmodified wheat infused with the taste of peaches and apricots. The flavor balance is impressive, and it has a semi-dry aspect that wines enthusiasts will appreciate.

The 6.3 % BV beer is hazy with opulent orange-yellow color. It also tasted better with food, especially everything with a tropical taste. Rosettas often have cherry-flavored ingredients, although fruit-flavored Rosettas are equally as satisfying as fruit-flavored Rosetta.

Rosettes beer is classic Belgian beer.

5. Guinness (sweet)

It was first brewed in 1759. This beer is known for its distinctively fresh flavor. It is very popular in the world. Guinness (sweet) contains an alcohol content of 4.2% by volume.

6. Cascade Brewing Kriek Ale

Cascade Brewing’s Kriek Ale is cherry-flavored Belgian lambic. Beer is sold in 750-milliliter bottles in which they are served in bottles filled like Champagne. The result is a juicy, rich, and well-coated beer suitable to eat at parties.

Cascade uses a traditional approach by barrel aging, a blend of the Flanders-style sour ale. Beer stays brewing for nearly a year and a half with tons of fresh Bing and sour cherries. It is a tart beer with dry, dark fruit and rich oak flavor.

The results with this beer are tart, bold, and delicious.

7. Hoegaarden

This beer was first brewed in the town of Hoegaarden in Belgium in 1420. This brewery has been acquired by InBev and is currently known as the world’s leading wheat beer. It has a citrusy dry taste and contains 5% alcohol by volume.

8. Pinkus

Pinkus has been brewed in Muenster, Germany, since 1824. It is very tasty and has an alcohol content of 4.8%. Pinkus is one of many types of beers that are popular in Germany. It is so delicious and refreshing. Many people all over the world drink this beer. Heineken Nederland BV has recently taken up its production.

9. Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout, UK

It is a sweet brew as well vegan certified. Organic chocolate malt with Cocoa powder lends to this decadent beverage a decadent personal character.

This beer is a Devil Food Cake in liquid forms with 5.36% BPA. Samuel Smith is Yorkshire’s largest brewery founded in 1758 that used its trademark yeast since the 1860s.

10. Stella Artois gold

It is extremely smooth with a hint of citrus. This beer tastes great! It won silver after receiving 2nd place in the 2010 World Beer Cup. It is brewed in Belgium and has an alcohol content of 5% by volume.

11. Hoegaarden Rose

It was introduced in 2009, and immediately it became extremely popular all over the world. Hoegaarden Rose contains a hint of raspberry and is very fresh, soft, and well-balanced. It only contains 4-9% by volume. It is brewed in Hoegaarden, Belgium and many people around the world love to drink this beer.

12. Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA

Grapefruit Sculpin is a seasonal brew from Ballast Point made from grapefruit juice. A key to their successfulness is multistaged bouncing to create fruity undertones using tropical fruit. Cascade Brewing’S Kriek ( view at Drizly ) and Ommengang’s Apripepéche are two musts that playoff Belgium’s rustic fruit beers traditions.

Dogfish Head’s SuperEight is an excellent choice for fun, and lagers will enjoy Shiner Prickly Pear if they love beer. Beer is a classic taste of fruit beer, but Belgian ales are a good starting point.

13. Budwesier

This beer was originally started in the united states of America. This sweet beer has a fruity taste to it. It may be consumed on ice or by itself.

14. Michelob (sweet)

Michelob has a unique malty flavor and sweet palate for smoothness. It has an alcohol content of 5%.

15. Hoegaarden (sweet)

It is a perfect beer produced in Belgium. Hoegaarden contains wheat and barley malt, and it is distilled with coriander and dried Curacao orange peel to give it its distinct taste, similar to wheat beer. It gives you an experience like no other.

16. Imperial Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter – Evil Twin Brewing – Brooklyn – New York – 7.20%

It is a beer that has a very dark color to it as well as a creamier texture. It contains chocolate and peanut butter to make the taste very creamy, thick, and rich in flavor.

What characteristics should a good beer have?

Beer should have the following characteristics:

– It should have a balanced taste, which means one should be able to taste the presence of malt, hops, and yeast in it.

– It should not have any bitter aftertaste, which means that you don’t want it to come with a heavy aftertaste.

Other things about beer are very individual, if not personal. The best way is for one person to try it out on their own, of course.

Guide to Beer for the Non-Beer Drinker

Here are some common misconceptions about beer drinking you should not avoid when talking about the benefits of drinking beer:

• Beer will make you fat

Not necessarily true. Some beer can be low in calories, and some have high nutritional value due to the malt used. It all depends on how much beer you drink, of course.

• Beer makes you drunk quickly

False, especially if there is no carbonation (fizz). Carbonation speeds up the absorption of alcohol in your body, so some beers are said to make you drink more quickly.

• Beer should be served cold

True, but not essential. Beer should be stored at room temperature, and it tastes better without any chill, though most people prefer their cold beer for unknown reasons.

It may take some time to get used to the taste of beer, but with some exposure, you may grow into it.

• Beer makes you happy

Not necessarily true either. Remember that drinking too much can lead to depression and an emotional wreck. Beer is a social drink and should be enjoyed in moderation!

TIP: Always drink responsibly and make sure that you have a great time with your friends or family.

• Beer is loads of fun

Nothing compares to the relaxation one gets after drinking just the right amount of beer!

It is important to remember that most beers are best served at room temperature and not very cold (this ruins the taste). It’s also good to know that most people’s favorite type of beer is a light lager.

They are often low in alcohol and have little to no aftertaste, perfect for those who don’t like bitter or strong-tasting beers!

What is good fruity beer?

It’s not easy to make fruit beer that tastes very much like the taste of a soft drink. Most recipes turn fresh fruit into obnoxiously sweet. Syrupy flavors with no balance between them in the beer world- some people prefer this consistency.

But if you want something more true-to-life, then your best bet would be going for one made from mostly malts and hops rather than artificial sugars or extracts

Fruit beer can sometimes go too far in either direction:

they might become overpoweringly fruity yet still lack sufficient bite because their base ingredients were added less towards balancing out sweetness through maltiness.

They might also become deeply bitter and almost flavorless because their beers’ flavors were overpowered by the more dominant fruit tastes, or vice versa (fruits that are neither very sweet nor tart).

Fruit beers like this will end up tasting purely artificial, like a cola soft drink with some alcohol added to it.

Brewing your fruit beer

It is a bit more complicated, but it’s possible to make your fruit beers at home without too much hassle. It does take a longer time, though if you want the fruits’ flavors to be as strong as possible, you would have to spend a long time preparing them for brewing and fermenting them for their tastes to come out more.

Mashing the fruits yourself also helps in this case because doing so will release their flavors much faster. Most brewers who do not want to buy concentrates or extracts usually opt for fruit beers made from actual mashed fruits instead of artificial syrups and extracts.

How do you make the beer sweet?

Besides adding sugar, here are the other proven ways to make beer sweeter:

Prolonged boiling

Maillard reaction is the chemical reaction that occurs due to prolonged boiling leading to intense caramel flavors.

Unfermentable Sugar

Lactose sugar as an unfermentable sugar is one of the popular choices to make beer sweet. It is almost similar to milk sugar.

Caramel Malt

If you are aiming higher than the mild sweetness in your beer, using caramel malt can help.

How to know if the sweet beer turns bad?

When a beer is very sweet and doesn’t have the maltiness to balance it out, then there’s no doubt that you’re drinking something that’s already gone bad. When this happens, the beer will become cloudy (usually brownish) and start emitting some rather nasty smells of sulfur or yeast fermenting.

It is usually called “sick beer” because, well, that’s what it is.

Bad beer can also become sour if the bacteria from the yeast start to consume lactose sugars from other sources in the beer, too, since there’s very little sugar left for them to ferment into alcohol and carbon dioxide. In cases like this, you would be drinking spoiled beer that’s probably not safe for human consumption anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Mix Beer and Coke?

It is technically possible, but it would be so weird. Coke contains sugar, caffeine, and carbon dioxide bubbles. At the same time, beer has no carbon dioxide bubbles and negligible amounts of sugar at most that they usually don’t suit each other at all if you’re into quality drinks that taste good.

What is sweet ale?

Sweet ale is an ale. It is brewed with a proportion of unfermentable sugars added to its recipe. It is prepared with a warm fermentation method.

These sugars boost the beer’s sweetness and give it a smooth aftertaste without affecting the drinkability since they don’t ferment into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

What does fruit beer taste like?

Fruit beers can range from very sweet to tart. They will taste like the fruit they are brewed with more than anything, of course, but some brewers like to mix a few spices and other ingredients in their beer recipes to bring out even more flavors from their beers’ fruits.

What is dessert beer?

Dessert beers are usually compared to wine because of their alcoholic content and sweet taste. They are normally much higher in their alcohol levels than regular beers, especially fruit beers containing sugar that will feed the yeast for longer fermentation periods.

These beers are generally served when you don’t want any more heavy beers, but you still desire some alcohol in your system.

Can I eat peanut butter with Sweet beer?

Peanut butter and sweet beer are a popular combination since peanut butter brings out a whole new set of flavors from the beer.

This combination might work better with fruit beers rather than regular ales, but it still depends on what you’re into as well as how many beers you already drank that night.