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Melissa Cole; writing in The Guardian – her latest scoop!

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

A few people have asked me about the Government’s new proposals to relax drinks sizes, notably to include the two-thirds of a pint as a legal measure. I have told them all that I think it is a great idea and long overdue. Simply, it adds choice to the bar.

Looking at various comments some people including CAMRA  seem to be saying that this is a bad decision and it will bring the death of the pint measure, the pub and then, presumably, our country, which is all of course complete bollocks. 

I can’t think why anyone would think it a bad thing. I know some Whitehall mandarins have said it will curb binge drinking, etc, and when governments start saying this sort of thing it does set alarm bells ringing, but nobody is saying anything about banning the pint.