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Remember Beer Makes People Look Better!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

A friend has just sent me a link, to this advert; which I believe the NHS originally ran in 2008; reminding us of what’s essential travel wear! I haven’t seen it before but it reminded me of the old ‘Beer Goggles’ research of some years ago at Roehampton and Manchester Universities.  

Remember beer makes people look better.


Minimum pricing of alcohol – The thin end of the wedge.

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Following further TV, radio and newspaper coverage in the last week or so, the minimum pricing of alcohol appears again to be firmly back on the agenda.  

This coverage followed hot on the heels of pressure group, Alcohol Concern arguing for the introduction of minimum pricing as a better way to bear down on consumption, than the outlawing of below-cost selling; and here in the North West the ten Greater Manchester authorities looking at setting a minimum price by way of local by-law.

Significantly, the latter idea is being progressed through the Greater Manchester Authorities Health Commission and which idea has received, in principle support from the Prime Minister. Although the Coalition has said it does not plan minimum pricing at a national level, David Cameron said ‘where there can be local decisions we are very happy for that to happen‘.