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Desert Island Beers – Doug Donelan, New Zealand

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Welcome to the latest episode of Desert Island Beers which this week features Doug Donelan, an Australian but now Chief Executive Officer at New Zealand Hops who as such is responsible for getting those wonderful kick ass hops, such as Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka and Rakau, to name just a few to these shores.

Doug says he has always had beer around him, growing up, beer was what his family drank, although usually only with meals and apart from the occasional bottle of fortified wine or a Christmas treat of whiskey or brandy, it was only ever beer in their house.

He can’t remember how old he was when he first tasted beer but as with many others, it was a sip of froth offered from his fathers’ glass at a fairly young age. What he does remember is that he was spontaneously intrigued and has remained so to this day. His work life started in kitchens and around food and after leaving a cooking apprenticeship he moved out of food and into beverage, starting as a cellar-man for Millers Hotels in Sydney after acquiring some basic cellar training at Resch’s brewery in Sydney. (more…)